Welcome to the Journey of  Prosperity
Many times, I have heard that peopleís buildings and other properties(assets) have been impounded and taken over by some organizations because they have failed to pay the full amount they borrowed plus the interest expected. I always ask myself.
ĎWhen this person was borrowing this money, didnít they insure to safe guard them just in case all doesnít go well?í
In the right way of doing things. This is how it should be.
We are Growing Finance have come to save Ugandans in every way. People have lost property way beyond description. We are committed to making a difference in this. We have to keep saving Ugandans from loosing their treasured property.
If a person insures their business, when they fail to pay everything they borrowed plus the interest like they should have, we come in to help this person out of this without them losing their property.
And then, in case of evidential robbery, and all kinds of problems that lead to losses in your business, it is our responsibility to help you so you donít go out of business.
This is why Growing Finance Uganda Business Insured Club is of great value. We have come to erase tears from your eyes. We donít impound your property.
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