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Growing Finance Uganda
P.O.Box 31782 Kampala
Tel: +256 758 911 333
Access Building
Rubaga Road.

Lungukka Kajongo Lane
Cell 5, House 27
Rubaga Divison
Growing Finance Uganda was born in 2014 after seeing a very big gap in the area of finance here in Uganda. We realized many people have lost property because of loans given by people whose real motive was not to help. We also realized many have dreams to start their own businesses yet there is none to offer them the capital required.
We again realized that some are struggling because even after starting businesses, they are not in position to manage them. This great gap(need)  in  Uganda and East Africa at large is the reason why we saw the need for a friendly, well-wishing financial institution.
This is what led to the conception of the Growing Finance vision by Mr. Gerald Ssekamwa; with the goal to raise all Ugandans to a middle income status in the next twenty years; helping them by availing low risk opportunities.
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Our Products at Growing Finance Uganda
Quick Loan/Money Lending.
This is a product in which we lend out money in a space ranging from only one week to one month. Our members borrow at an interest rate of only 5% and non-members at only 8%. Comparing to other financial institutions, we are the most customer and member friendly. Our interest rate is way too low. We also have a six month loan at an interest loan of only  20%.We are currently working at extending this period of utmost two years to better meet the needs of our customers.
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Short-term Investment.
There is a person that will deposit their money with us, yet they don’t want their profits to stay long with us.
At Growing Finance Uganda, we make an agreement with such a one and make sure we always pay their profits in the time frame agreed upon. Read More
Long term investment loans.
From one year ………to thirty years.
We have given our members an opportunity that will forever see them out of poverty.
Our fixed deposit product allows our members to deposit their money with us which in turn makes great profits for them.
When you fix some deposit with us and let us know when you will want your money back,we explain to you the 
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