Welcome to the Journey of  Prosperity
Benefits of Memberships.

Special discounts on all loans received from us.
An opportunity to become part of Growing Finance Uganda membersí meeting.
An opportunity to open up savings or fixed deposit accounts with us(for your  money to accumulate profits for you)
Attending financial seminars (facilitated by the very best in the field) at no charge. We pay the mentors for you.
A recommending hand especially for travel visas. Travel visas should not give you any more headache once you are a member of Growing Finance Uganda.
Recommending and connecting you to other reputable business organization all across the world.
If you mean business, we are the very best you can come across in our field.
Our membership fee is only 100,000 for the entire first year.
The journey to your financial fortune has now began.

Customer Protection.
In order to protect our customers, our members sign a memorandum of understanding with us. This contains a set of principles that will govern our smooth relationships. We also have a Board of Directors that comprises of men of great integrity who are also governed by clearly outlined rules and regulations. Our board now comprises of 20 sitting and 30 supervising members.
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